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A Real Poppy Dazzler!

Watch Poppy's transformation from well loved camper to well cool camper in the video below.

Poppy is a 1986 VW Transporter T25 (T3) homemade camper conversion. After years of love, Poppy was literally loved to pieces and was brought to VW Worx for a bit of a spruce up.

Poppy had loads of character but her bodywork was starting to let her down in places with rust showing through the ageing paintwork.

Her interior had seen better days and was to be stripped out for a completely new design.

After stripping down and sandblasting, we were able to get to the bottom of the issues and repair the bodywork as necessary, ready for a fresh new coat of her original VW Blue paint. This was finished off with a two-tone white top half.

The interior was double insulated, ply panelled and carpet lined before new custom made, CNC cut, lightweight cabinets were built and fitted.

Poppy has a whole new look with an iconic 'Manchester Bee' proudly displayed on the rear of her roof, along with a new set of name decals to match.

Inside, Poppy's seats had been re-covered in traditional GTI orange checked material with door panels trimmed to match.

Poppy has all new modern electrics with LED lighting and a low voltage fridge as well as plenty of 240v, 12v and USB power outlets. There is also plenty of storage with additional bulk storage areas in the roof.

With all new slim-line units, it means that Poppy's owners can now enjoy a more luxurious wider bed.

The original curtains were remanufactured into blinds and the existing diesel heater was also re-used. We fitted this camper with an LPG tank with a rear outlet for an external kitchen.

If you would like to find out more about Poppy or would like to would like to talk to us about your own dream camper, give the team a call on 01270 580000.

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