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Why shouldn't you be able to access your campervan with a wheelchair? That's what one of our customers thought when they brought their 2009 low mileage Caravelle to VW Worx.

This top of the range Caravelle had been fitted out from new with a modified chassis lowering the floor throughout the middle and front of the vehicle to allow a wheelchair to access via the side door and be safely secured for travel.

A lift, stowed under the vehicle, comes out at the touch of a button to enable simple access to the vehicle. Converting a vehicle with a split level floor has its challenges but that didn't put off the VW Worx team who jumped at the opportunity to create another unique camper.

After stripping the vehicle out, we installed a low profile pop-top roof and fitted out the interior with Black Hacienda cabinets. We made the best use of some of the original Caravelle features, including the rear heating ducts and electric power doors.

The roof was finished off on the inside with our very own VW Worx bed board including integrated LED touch lights.

The front legs of the M1 Pull Tested, TUV approved 'Rusty' Lee Rock'n'Roll bed were given adjustable extensions to allow them to drop down to the lower floor when in the 'Bed' position and the upholstery was finished in leatherette and alcantara to match the original front seats.

As well as a slim-line sink and double gas hob, this camper is fitted with a low voltage fridge and plenty of storage cupboards.

If you would like to find out how VW Worx can create your unique camper conversion, why not drop us a line with your requirements and see how we can make your camper dreams a reality.

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