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Custom Cabinets Fitted to T6 with End Bed

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Chris and Bex, from Wrexham, are converting their own 2018 LWB VW T6 into their perfect camper.

After fitting the windows and lining the camper, they brought it along to VW Worx for us to build a custom set of cupboards to incorporate a 'U' shaped seating area which would convert into a double bed.

With two sliding doors, one could be used to create access to services so the kitchen area also has doors to the rear for access to gas and other services.

This design offers plenty of storage, especially with the 'U' shaped seating area. Some of this can be accessed via doors in the rear bed board.

The seating 'U' shaped seating area extends to make a generous sized double bed!

A table slots into a hole in the floor which gives adequate space to sit around 3 sides to eat and drink from.

Chris and Bex are going to organise their own upholstery and fit their own services and electrics. We very much look forward to seeing it completed.

Watch the full video showing the cabinets being fitted below.

If you are thinking of converting your own camper, please give us a call on 01270 580000 and talk through your requirements and we will can create you some unique fittings exactly how you want them.


Chris and Bex sent us a picture of the inside now that they have completed their conversion.

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