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Land Rover 101 Off-Grid Camper

Mark and Fiona brought their 1975 Land Rover 101 to VW Worx following a careful and complete rebuild.

Now refurbished, they wanted to be able to use the Land Rover for Off-Grid camping and wanted seats, storage and beds fitted inside and an upgrade to the outdoor kitchen.

Watch the transformation take place in the video below.

The interior already had a diesel heater fitted and boards to the side which mark is going to externally insulate if necessary. A canvass covers the whole of the roof so it will be like a deluxe tent when finished.

We needed to make a habitable area with a table and benches to the rear that could convert into a double bed. A further single bunk was required at the front, and a rear panel with door and cupboards was also requested.

With the new back panel in place, the team lined the rear with carpet and fitted a big rear door with cupboards either side. Benches were made to house large storage bins and the diesel heater.

Mark and Fiona had some heavy duty cushions made for the seats and a custom mattress made for the top bunk. The table will slot between the seats along with another panel and the seat backs to make up the double bed.

We added some new runners to the outdoor kitchen area and a piece of Corian to be used for food preparation.

If you would like help with your camper conversion project, ask the professionals at VW Worx and let us make your dream a reality, it is not just VW's that we can convert!

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