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VW Worx help couple with their T5 Conversion

Jason and Marie from Cheshire have been carefully converting their bright orange VW T5.

Having done a lot of the work themselves, including fitting the windows, insulating and lining their Camper, Jason and Marie were on the lookout for some quality cabinets for the inside.

A friend recommended that they got in touch with VW Worx who would be able to supply them with some very professional cabinets but still leave them with the opportunity to add their own electrics and fridge when they were ready.

As well as cabinets, they wanted a Rusty Lee Rock'n'Roll bed fitted with matching bed boards to match their cabinets.

With the cabinets ready to install, Jason and Marie dropped their camper off ready to start work on Saturday morning.

By Sunday afternoon, the cabinets and the bed were installed along with a set of curtains ready for the camper to be collected.

We look forward to seeing the finished camper when Jason and Marie have finished converting it, with everything wired up and ready to hit the road.

If you would like VW Worx to help you with some of the tricky bits for your custom camper conversion or you would like us to do the whole thing for you, please drop us a line and pop in for a coffee so we can discuss your requirements. You too could be enjoying your camper adventures in no time at all!

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